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Summer's End

The end of August and start of September always bring so much joy to my heart. The land is bathed in a soft golden light and it's my favourite time to explore my local area.

It's a long walk down to the river floor, as I meander slowly along the winding forest path, taking time to pick berries and admire the great beech trees that grow here. I'm never in a rush, just happy to explore and think and take a minute to just be.

It's a time of deep reflection. A time to look back of the past year and give thanks for all the good things that the universe has brought my way. It's about this time that I realise that Yule isn't far away and that it's time to get my head down, make baskets and prepare for the darker months ahead. But for today, I sit quietly by the river and soak in the day's warmth and light- I know I shall miss during the cold wet months ahead.

I hope the end of summer is treating you well, and that you have manage to shake off the dust and cobwebs that have gathered during our long hibernation through Covid. Although we are not out of the woods yet, it's great to be able to share time and space with people again ♥


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