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My name is Cat and I am a basket maker living in the North east of Scotland.

I have always had a love for making things, nature, and being outside.  So learning basketry has been the perfect blend of all my passions. I love to sit quietly and weave away, reconnecting with Mother Nature through the use of this wonderful material.

For me, a home isn’t a home without a basket or two around the place. They remind us of a time when we shared a closer relationship with nature. Where we planted, grew and tended a crop and then made something functional out of it for the home and family. For generations baskets have carried our children, stored our logs, eased our burdens or simply journeyed with us as we rambled along town streets and forest paths in search of food or trinkets to take home. Sadly the use of baskets declined with the invention of less environmentally friendly plastics. Happily we are starting to see them restored to their rightful place beside us as people become more aware of our impact on the Planet and seek to be reconnected with Nature and a simpler pace of life.

Bramblethorn Baskets are handmade using a mix of local and Somerset grown willow. They are all unique as I love to explore a variety of shapes and the effect different willow varieties have on bark colour and texture.

I am a member of both the Scottish Basketmakers' Circle and The Baskermakers' Association

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Bsc Conservation Biology Aberdeen

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