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Salix fragilis, Mare Fen DSC_1202 cpt Brian Eversham.JPG

Catherine is a basket maker living in the North east of Scotland.


Having a love for nature and the outdoors she spent her early life being in the woods or along the coast.

Later she studied Conservation Biology at Aberdeen University where her love for plants and animals grew.


It was in Basketry that she found her true calling- finding the creative use of this wonderful natural material being the perfect blend of all her passions


Catherine can now be found spending her time weaving baskets in her "wee bothy" at her home or teaching workshops at various locations around Aberdeenshire

Bramblethorn Baskets are handmade using a mix of local and Somerset grown willow. They are all unique as she loves to explore a variety of shapes and the effect different willow varieties have on bark colour and texture.

She is a member of both the Scottish Basketmakers' Circle and The Baskermakers' Association

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Bsc Conservation Biology Aberdeen

Salix fragilis, Mare Fen DSC_1202 cpt Brian Eversham.JPG
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